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AUCTION Report, 10 March 2020
(*Refers to hammer prices)

Sold at $17,000* , 10/03/2020
Lot 43, Robert Juniper, 90 x 120cm 

Overall, results were good and perhaps a little better than expected, in some spheres, considering the current difficult environment.

However, collectors are always, ‘on the hunt’, for the items they want. (The November 2019 sale also demonstrated this point, with most of the higher priced items receiving multiple bids.)

Top price was lot 43 at $17,000*, a large to mid size Juniper oil. Not one of his characteristic landscapes from above, but a view of crabs. No doubt, a subject that resonates with many Western Australians.

Lot one, a street scene of Melbourne got the sale off to a good start, more than tripling its lower estimate to sell at $1,900. The next six lots all then sold at fairly much as expected prices.

A disappointment was the no sale of the significant Durack at lot 19. Depicting an offshore drilling platform, it probably wasn’t a subject for many households but it is an ideal artwork by a noted W.A. artist, for an entity, who has something to do with that industry. It represented good value at $5,000 – 8,000.

Next were a set of Western Australian early to mid 20th century watercolours, all of which but one found new homes. The stand out two being early views of Perth selling at $700* and $800*. Lot 30, the Guy Grey-Smith early self portrait made $14,000* and lot 65, the portrait of John Forrest eclipsed its upper estimate to make $4,400*. Given their significance, it was disappointing they received no institutional interest.

Lot 68, a large late spray paint, by Sidney Nolan, with some brush work, was a good buy at $14,000*. Typical of the works, the late Lord McAlpine adorned the foyers of some of his buildings with.

Overseas artworks saw two Picasso graphics make $9,000* and $8,750*, a MacKenzie Thorpe bronze make, $5,000*, and a small American bronze make $3,000* at lot 88.

The next section, Jewellery typically saw selective bidding with quite a few post auction negotiated sales. The first 8 items all sold with enthusiastic bidding at mostly above top estimate prices, but it was sporadic thereafter.

Lot 31, an aquamarine bracelet made $8,500*. Lot 216 the Hermes bracelet multiplied its lower estimate of $250 by four. Jewellery at auction really is good value in comparison to retail.

Rugs and furniture gave mixed results. Basically, if you like 19th century style, it will probably never be cheaper.

Lot 266, a cigar humidor received spirited bidding to make $2,200*. Then, some of the books went well but they were the ‘right’ books for the estimate.

Lot 306, a Chanel handbag made $3,750. Definitely, a portal into a new collectable area.

Lot 345, a good Japanese meiji period bronze at $4,500* was the top oriental item sale. The sale ended with silver, which mostly sold well, within the catalogue estimates.

Lot 392, the Linton dessert spoons were nice, at $1,800* and the often saleroom favourite, saw a rare set of Georg Jenson place card holders at lot 387 make $2,000*. The sale ended with the final lot almost tripling its $350 lower estimate to sell at $1,000*.

We look forward to our next sale, (there are some great items already consigned), which will be online. Images and details, on our home page. Further details to follow.


Diamonds for Christmas


From ancient times, diamonds have fascinated people around the world. Nothing scintillates like a diamond. They hold a place in the hearts and minds of both the owners and those who have gifted one.

Traditionally, white or near white diamonds have been selected as engagement rings, gifts, symbols of fidelity and love. However from time to time throughout history coloured diamonds often called ‘Fancies’ become very sought after. These ‘Fancies’ can be very rare and hard to get in a significant size. Particularly, above 3 carats.

One of the worlds most famous fancy coloured stones is the, ‘Hope Diamond,’ or, formerly known as the ‘Tavernier Blue’. Originally from India, it once belonged to Louis XIV, was then stolen and wound up in London after the French Revolution. After it was re-cut, it came into the possession of the Hope family. It’s now owned by the Natural History Museum within the USA.

Around the world, significant coloured diamonds are setting new world records at auction, as auction is how very often they come to market. Because, how else can they be valued? When, each one is unique, like a work of art, an individual piece with it’s own personality and character.

For McKenzies forthcoming Fine Jewellery and Watches sale there are some exceptionally fine examples of these fancy coloured diamonds.

For example:

Lot 123. A rare and magnificent Argyle 7.04ct light champagne coloured round diamond, with a G.I.A. report and surrounded by 56 Argyle fancy pink diamonds.

Lot 122. An Argyle 16pt. purple/pink unset diamond

Lot 138. An Impressive Yellow Diamond Ring featuring a stunning 3.58ct, intense, vivid yellow coloured radiant cut diamond.

Lot 103. A Fancy deep, champagne coloured 3.18ct round brilliant cut Argyle diamond plus, 2 pear shaped brilliant cut diamonds.

Lot 124. A Diamond Set Bracelet. This stunning bracelet is set with 56.92CT of multi coloured and shaped diamonds.

Lot 134. A Sensational multi diamond set necklet set with 478 diamonds, totaling 71.36ct fancy brown, yellow, orange, green, pinkish grey coloured diamonds in a mixture of cuts from oval, pear, cushion, emerald, princess, trilliant, marquise and heart shape.

Lot 115. A centrally featured, deep, richly coloured, 3.42ct champagne coloured Argyle diamond, being accented with a selection of white diamonds.

A superb collection of emerald, ruby, sapphire and other jewellery abound within the 224 lot sale.

Featured items include;

Lot 39, by Bulgari, diamond earrings

Lot 64, A Cartier ‘ Love Bangle’, having 177 diamonds.

As well as plenty of ‘white’ diamonds in a wide array of settings and prices.

Winding up the sale are 14 watches, by collectable makers, such as Cartier, Omega, Bvlgari, Dior, Tag Heuer etc.

In short, there is something for all tastes and budgets.


Spring Auction, Art, Collectables & Furniture

Lot 20

Welcome to McKenzies mixed Spring auction.

It’s a sale full of previously unseen highlights from some top collections and estates. Art starts the sale. Bromley, Nolan, Pro Hart, Juniper, Boissevain etc. feature.

Two expansive triptych works coincidentally are included in this sale. The first, (Lot 12) is the serene view of Cowaramup Beach by Alex Wisnieski. It is one of his best works. Originally a private commission. The other, Lot 20 is probably the largest Pro Hart work we have offered in our 31 years. It has a total width of 3.63 metres. An important and major work by Hart.

It is a montage of his typical country life scenes such as the country race meeting, mining, the sheep yards etc.

The theme of large paintings continues with two superb oils by one of Australia’s most famous artists, Sidney Nolan. Both from the collection of Lord McAlpine, they both once hung in Cable Beach Resort, Broome and depict the Kimberley Landscape of Western Australia. These are seriously good value given they are each approximately 182 x 159 cm, Nolan paintings have individually sold above $500,000 and these have enticing estimates of $12,000 – 16,000 each.

Other significant works by Arthur Boyd, John Peter Russell, Dali, and Chagall are included.

Rugs begin at lot 89 and continue to Lot 106 and include superfine silks as well as rugs from various cultures.

Furniture begins at lot 107 and is dominated by French items. The best (and most French), being lot 124, a very fine ladies Kingwood & marquetry coiffeuse.

A good collection of glass, both English and French is included, featuring some of the most famous names in glass making history, eg; Thomas Webb & Son, Galle, Daum and Lalique.

The best collection of Royal Worcester ever offered in W.A is next, Stinton, Davis, Baldwyn and others are included as is an extremely rare pair of ‘Polar Bear’ vases by Harry Davis at lot 197.

Later in the sale the oriental section is dominated by important Japanese pieces. For example, lot 257 a cloisonné vase by the master, Namikawa Yasuyuki and top Satsuma by the most revered makers, e.g. lot 266 by Yabu Meizan and lot 267 by Kinkozan.

Militaria, including well certified Japanese swords and then Silver, including pieces by Linton, Paul Storr and Hester Bateman finish off what is in some respects our best sale this year.

We look forward to welcoming you to the viewing, either in our rooms or online and hope you can find a treasure that will become a future family heirloom.

Warm Regards
Peter McKenzie
Managing Director


Article, Albany Advertiser , P.4. 15/10/2019


Article, The Sunday Times,  by Belle Taylor, P.26. 9/12/2018


M  K e n z i e s  F i n e  a n d   D e c o r a t i v e  A r t s ,  F u r n i t u r e  a n d  R u g s
Tuesday 27th Nov 2018

Article, The West Australian, "Inside Cover" column, by Ben O'Shea, P. 2.  , 22/11/2018        


M  K e n z i e s    C h r i s t m a s    A u c t i o n

Wednesday 13th Dec 2017

Welcome to our, “Christmas Sale”. It has a rare offering of high end items that don’t normally appear for sale in Perth.

The art component of the sale features some of Australia’s most famous artists from the estate of the late John Bennison, ex Chief Executive of Wesfarmers.  He was responsible for the commencement of the now renowned Wesfarmers Art Collection, together with the now late Melbourne art dealer, Dr Joseph Brown.

The main three artworks are a small oil depicting the South Wharf in Melbourne by the famous Heidelberg artist, Fred McCubbin.  The other two are by the renowned modernist, Arthur Boyd.  

One, quite a large artwork from his Wimmera series, the other depicting the Shoalhaven River.  His retirement property adjoining the river that he subsequently bequeathed to the Ferderal Government.

These artworks are starting from $60,000, $70,000 and $12,000 respectively.

Also for auction is fine furniture, as well as watches, including famous brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Omega.

Jewellery is a major component of this sale.  It is largely consigned from local families.  The offering includes diamonds from one to eight carats, and includes 150 antique and modern items from some famous makers such as Bvlgari, Cartier etc. as well as local esteemed makers such as Linneys, Kailis and Rosendorf.

Tanzanite’s, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, Pearls and coloured diamonds are all included in this sale.

There is a good selection of oriental items, both Japanese and Chinese, ceramics, ivory, cloisonné and bronzes.

Selected fine furniture and decorative arts items round out the sale. There really is something for a wide range of tastes and budgets. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the sale.

Warm regards
Peter McKenzie
Managing Director


Introduction to October 17 2017 Auction
Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery & Furniture

Welcome to McKenzies Auctioneers Spring Auction. It is a sale that genuinely has something for a wide range of tastes and budgets.

Australian modernist artists are well represented. Works by Robert Dickerson, Ray Crooke, Pro Hart and Jasper Knightas well as well known                                                                                        
and regarded Western Australianartists such as Allan Baker, William Boissevian, Howard Taylor, George Haynes, and Elizabeth Durack.

The sale then moves to Jewellery. Each item has been examined by our gemmologist and in some cases come with the seller’s insurance
valuation certificates. There is a good range of diamonds, up to 7.9 cts as well as coloured gemstones. Featured items include Lot 145, a 7.9ct
diamond ring and Lot 194, a 1.86ct natural light pink diamond ring. As most of the jewellery comes from estates, who have a genuine wish to
sell, antique items are also included. For example, Lot 229, a piece by the famous South Australian maker, Henry Steiner.

Next is over 20 watches. Each is guaranteed to be authentic. The offering includes some of the world’s most famous brands, such as Rolex,
Cartier, Omega and Le Coultre. Modern and vintage models are included.

Antique and collectable furniture is up next. This section of the sale represents the best value for money. Good furniture is always useable and is virtually timeless, impervious to fashion. We generally sell about 90% of the furniture we offer as we start the bidding low in order to let each item find its own market level. “Australiana” is next, including, “West Australiana”, defined as items of specific interest to Western Australia, such as jarrah pre-1900 furniture.

A collection of Antique Australian glass and ceramic bottles is a new field for us. Apparently, it’s an area that has a dedicated core of collectors. We have estimated these bottle lots conservatively and will be interested to see how they go.

Militaria is next, (our previous sale, the “Leo Laden Collection’’, sold over 85% of the offering, demonstrating this is also a strong collecting field). Then decorative arts, this category includes a good range of Oriental (mostly Chinese), pottery and porcelain, from a range of vendors. This is a subjective area to catalogue. We tend to catalogue this section broadly but can forward images of seal and character marks as well as provide condition reports to those that cannot personally inspect.

The sale ends with a range of silver and ceramics. Two featured items from this field are, Lot 429, a casket by the famous British maker and designer, Omar Ramsden and Lot 435, one of William Moorcroft’s most famous designs, a ‘Moonlit Blue’ pattern ballaster shaped vase from the 1920s, in perfect condition. 

We look forward to seeing you at the sale and welcome your enquiry on any of the items.

Kind regards,

Peter McKenzie
Managing Director


McKenzies Jewellery, Art and Collectables Christmas Auction

We will host our annual Christmas jewellery, art, furniture and collectable auction on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th December.
This is McKenzies largest, most varied and significant jewellery offering for 2016 with over 200 impressive vintage antique and modern pieces up for grabs.

Beginning at 6:00 pm both days, items will be sold at a fraction on their retail price. The line-up features a range of exquisite items from designers such as Cartier, Chanel, Bulgari, Kailis, Tiffany & Co, Canture, Castellani, Cerrone, Rolex, Moorcroft and Linneys.

Heading the auction is a handcrafted white gold ring featuring a radiant cut 7.19ct diamond set with double claws on each corner and eight baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders. Valued at $110,000 it is estimated to fetch $28,000 - $48,000.

Items also include a Linneys South Sea Pearl strand together with an 18ct yellow gold 1.15ct diamond and pearl pendant. Also, a Linneys rare large Brooke pearl pendant suspended on a 18ct yellow gold necklace, and a selection of pink diamond jewellery having a combined valuation exceeding $700,000.

For gents, there is a large range of premium designer watches which are expected to be sold at a fraction of their retail price, as well as a collection of antique rare scientific instruments. Christmas auctions are a great opportunity to purchase some amazing Christmas gifts as prices will start low, and depending on the bidding, may be sold for a song.

Art starts out at Lot 220 with a work by Pro Hart. Other well-known and famous artists to be sold include, Micheal Challen, Rovert Juniper, H.S Power, David Bromley, Guy Grey-Smith, Howard Taylor, William Boissevian, Elizabeth Durack as well as some impressive overseas artworks. All items are being offered by a range of sincere sellers who genuinely want to sell. For example, much of the antique furniture, which has been chosen with an eye to value and quality is being offered for less than modern day items constructed of particle board and held together with glue and staples.

Telephone or absentee bids can be arranged by contacting McKenzies Auctioneers on (08) 9385 4180 or emailing us at, mgallery@iinet.net.au.

I look forward to your company.
Peter McKenzie
Managing Director      

Article, The West Australian, "Inside Cover", column, by Ben O'Shea, P. 2. 5/12/16                                                                                                                                                                             ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

McKenzies Auctioneers for the second year in a row, has been listed as one of the top 250 auction houses world wide.

The listing is within the, "Blouin Art Auction, 250 Best Auction Houses" guide.  Published in New York.

We are the only Western Australian auction company to be listed.



A Note from a Happy UK Customer, from our May 2016 Auction

Thank you,

My recent purchase of a pair of diamond studs arrived today.

You made the process of purchasing in Australia very easy for me, I would most certainly buy again .

Your grading of the diamonds was conservative and they are more beautiful than I expected.

I am a gemologist by trade and I often expect to receive stones which have been perceived to be a higher colour and grade than the GIA

guidelines stipulate and I set my budgets accordingly, however, with these diamonds I am pleasantly surprised and I applaud your expert.

 Thank you again,

Kind regards

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