Diamonds for Christmas

From ancient times, diamonds have fascinated people around the world. Nothing scintillates like a diamond. They hold a place in the hearts and minds of both the owners and those who have gifted one.

Traditionally, white or near-white diamonds have been selected as engagement rings, gifts, symbols of fidelity and love. However from time to time throughout history coloured diamonds often called ‘Fancies’ become very sought after. These ‘Fancies’ can be very rare and hard to get in a significant size. Particularly, above 3 carats.

One of the world’s most famous fancy coloured stones is the ‘Hope Diamond,’ or, formerly known as the ‘Tavernier Blue’. Originally from India, it once belonged to Louis XIV, but was then stolen and wound up in London after the French Revolution. After it was re-cut, it came into the possession of the Hope family. It’s now owned by the Natural History Museum in the USA.

Around the world, significant coloured diamonds are setting new world records at auction, as auction is how very often they come to market. Because, how else can they be valued? When, each one is unique, like a work of art, an individual piece with it’s own personality and character.

For McKenzies forthcoming Fine Jewellery and Watches sale there are some exceptionally fine examples of these fancy coloured diamonds.

For example:

  • Lot 123. A rare and magnificent Argyle 7.04ct light champagne-coloured round diamond, with a G.I.A. report and surrounded by 56 Argyle fancy pink diamonds.
  • Lot 122. An Argyle 16pt. purple/pink unset diamond
  • Lot 138. An Impressive Yellow Diamond Ring featuring a stunning 3.58ct, intense, vivid yellow-coloured radiant cut diamond.
  • Lot 103. A Fancy deep, champagne coloured 3.18ct round brilliant cut Argyle diamond plus, 2 pear-shaped brilliant cut diamonds.
  • Lot 124. A Diamond Set Bracelet. This stunning bracelet is set with 56.92CT of multi-coloured and shaped diamonds.
  • Lot 134. A Sensational multi diamond set necklet set with 478 diamonds, totalling 71.36ct fancy brown, yellow, orange, green, pinkish grey coloured diamonds in a mixture of cuts from oval, pear, cushion, emerald, princess, trilliant, marquise and heart shapes.
  • Lot 115. A centrally featured, deep, richly coloured, 3.42ct champagne-coloured Argyle diamond, being accented with a selection of white diamonds.

A superb collection of emerald, ruby, sapphire and other jewellery abound within the 224 lot sale.

Featured items include;

  • Lot 39, by Bulgari, diamond earrings
  • Lot 64, A Cartier ‘ Love Bangle’, having 177 diamonds.
  • As well as plenty of ‘white’ diamonds in a wide array of settings and prices.
  • Winding up the sale are 14 watches, by collectable makers, such as Cartier, Omega, Bvlgari, Dior, Tag Heuer etc.

In short, there is something for all tastes and budgets.