May 2020 Auction

Welcome to the May Auction. We have been amazed at the quality and number of great entries we have received for this sale. There may never be a better time to acquire collectables.

We can’t have a room full of people at auction time, so therefore will need to extend the viewing period and limit the numbers of people at any one time (see the covid note).

Therefore, we are inviting absentee bidding and to this end, we offer the following incentive, as a bit of fun and knowing one of our customers will receive these lovely decanters.

Every registered absentee bid at, or above the lower catalogue estimate, will go into a draw to win the above-illustrated pair of Waterford crystal decanters, – in the Colleen pattern.

The winner will be drawn live on camera at the commencement of the auction. (This will be on view through the bidding platform ‘Invaluable’). The winner will, in any case be notified by us the following day.

The sale starts at 6pm with art. Some of Australia’s best-known artists are for sale. Ray Crooke, Albert Tucker, Sam Fullbrook, Max Meldrum, Emanuel Phillips Fox, Pro Hart, Norman Lindsay and a stunning work by the important Aboriginal artist, Dorothy Napangardi at lot 74 are all included.

Also a good selection of Western Australia’s best known artists are also represented. Such as, a few works by Robert Juniper, including the major ‘Landscape with Artefact’, at lot 27. Done in 2006, at 182 x 137cm, and therefore of good scale, it contains collage and much of the symbolism for which the artist is best known. Also, a very desirable palette of pinks, golds and purple/blues is represented. Other W.A entries are by, Leon Pericles, Guy Grey-Smith, George Haynes, Howard Taylor, Elizabeth Durack and William Boissevain et. al.

McKenzies Gemmologist, Martyn Mulley
McKenzies Gemmologist, Martyn Mulley

Next come, art books. Including leather-bound limited editions. Norman Lindsay — multiple editions plus groups of 10 or 8 books follow. This is a great opportunity to add to the reference library. Lot 71, a first edition Dickens is interesting.

International art, (i.e. artworks from overseas), always provides great pictures at modest prices. Also, as some are, ‘artist unknown’, there is scope for additional research. More than one customer over the years has had the pleasure informing me of their great ‘finds’ within our auction. Some great pictures by the London based artist, Nick Botting start at lot 85. Painted in a contemporary impressionist style, they were done on site during the artists time here in 1999 and 2006.

Jewellery starts at 97 until lot 173. There is something for most tastes and budgets. Modern and antique, diamonds, coloured stones, opals etc. Lot 109 is a ‘fabulous’ diamond bracelet. (As described by our gemmologist, Martyn).

There are a few watches and then a good variety of rugs.

The furniture for this sale is genuinely diverse, great quality and extremely reasonable in price. It seems young people establishing households don’t know the above!

English, Continental, and Chinese items, from modern, to a couple of centuries ago. Again, something for a wide range of tastes and budgets. Decorative arts are very mixed, -butterflies, tea caddies, ceramics, glass, silver, wine, (including Grange and Henschke, Hill of Grace), and a great collection of oriental items. McKenzies has adopted the policy of no longer selling uncarved or modern carved ivory. However, we do sell pre mid-20th century carved ivory. This sale has some of the most significant Chinese carved ivory pieces ever to be offered within Australia. See lots 355, 356, 357, 371 and 354.

The oriental section in this sale is worth viewing, both very good Chinese and Japanese items are represented. Besides the ivory, these are good Japanese bronzes and a rare, (for Perth), suite of Japanese armour. The sale concludes with a good range of silver.
Please note, viewing is extended (to fit the COVID-19 guidelines) and we expect the bidding to be largely absentee. Either via telephone, left bids or online, through the ‘Invaluable’ bidding platform. (Which incurs an additional 5%). ‘Invaluable’ also allows the sale to be watched on screen.

I look forward to welcoming you to the sale.

Warm regards,

Peter McKenzie
Managing Director